With nearly 25 years of professional experience, Voice Media knows how to produce polished, effective voice work.

Maybe you need a voiceover for a TV or radio commercial, PowerPoint presentation, or interactive web demo. Maybe you’re a self published author looking to separate yourself from the pack by creating an audiobook or excerpt. Whatever your need might be, Voice Media can more than likely help.

Pricing will vary by project based on needs.

Voice Media can offer a variety of voiceover artists including male, female, child (girl or boy), and international accents.

We also offer the option for you to use your voice. Don’t get caught in the trap of “doing-it-yourself” via your computer’s built in microphone. Let Voice Media help you with professional equipment, techniques, and skills. To learn more, call 816-200-7495 or send an email to info@voicemediaservices.com.