Mike Rowe’s Insane Voiceover Technique

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This is an entertaining video about voiceovers from Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe. The mark you’ll want to watch is at 1:55 but the entire video is a good watch and under four minutes. Enjoy! Or pull your hair out. Your choice!

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4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have A Podcast

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More and more businesses today are realizing just how powerful a podcast can be. Its on-demand nature makes a company’s message available whenever the audience chooses to hear it. Compared to radio advertising, there are no partial messages and no other commercials competing for the listener’s attention. And of course there are huge cost savings! Here are 4 reasons why your company would benefit from producing a high-quality, properly executed business podcast: * Establishes expertise and builds trust with your audience –...

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6 Eye-Popping Reasons Why All Businesses Should Have Custom On Hold Messages

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Most successful companies receive hundreds of incoming phone calls per week. Unfortunately, many of these callers will be put on hold for a short period. When this happens they become a captive audience. Although some businesses still play the radio on hold (or worse, silence – ugh!), more and more are taking advantage of this situation by providing their customers and prospects additional information about their company with Custom On Hold Messages. Here are 6 hard-to-argue reasons why all businesses should use Custom On Hold Messages...

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What Blues Traveler Can Teach Us About Business

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The band Blues Traveler had a hit song in 1995 called “Hook”. Although the song’s subject is about the catchy part of a song that makes it memorable, the term could also apply to your business. As the lyric goes: “The hook brings you back”. It’s the hook that keeps bringing your customers back. What is it about your business that makes customers keep coming back? If it’s because your prices are the lowest, you might want to be concerned. Is it your service? Is it your product expertise and industry...

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How To Score Early Brownie Points In A Business Relationship

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I handle many different aspects of the businesses I work for – I’m a seller, buyer, marketer, creator, producer, writer, etc. – and because of these responsibilities I end up coming in contact with hundreds of people every year. To this day I am still shocked at how often a salesman (or saleswoman) refers to me as “Carl”, especially in an email. My name, as strange as it might seem, is Brad Carl. It’s not like there’s anything that’s misleading printed on my business card or email signature....

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Are You Guilty Of Making These 5 Annoying Twitter Mistakes?

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As Twitter continues to gain momentum in the world it’s important for people to understand how to use it properly so everyone can enjoy the benefits of this fascinating social medium. Here are five common mistakes thousands of people are making each day on Twitter. Are you making any of them? Not Tweeting – Lately, I’ve been known to send out a tweet that states: “Twitter doesn’t work if you don’t tweet…” Well, there’s a reason I tweet that one regularly. I’m often shocked at the number...

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5 Simple Steps to Get Your Employees to Go the Distance for You

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You may have the perfect product, office location, and marketing strategy all set to go for your small business, but there’s one ingredient that’s crucial if you want to succeed: the perfect team. The people behind your product are the ones who will determine whether it thrives or dies, but fostering the ideal team has its challenges. Here are five ways to ensure your staff go the distance for your business. 1. Hire the right people. It takes time and patience to hire the right personnel. Simply hiring a warm body to fill a position, no...

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The Simple Answer To Office Politics

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If you have a boss who plays office politics and frequently drags you into it, it might be time to find another job. A boss who’s more concerned about his/her personal gain and how you can help them achieve it instead of evaluating and enriching your individual performance is bad news. If you’re trying to avoid inter-office politics amongst your peers, the best stance is no stance at all. Ride that fencepost indefinitely, withhold your opinions and do your job. You have a better chance of gaining respect from your fellow employees...

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